Communication is a medium of conveying your thoughts to an individual or to a group of people and receiving the feedback from the recipient. But now a days, some questions come to our mind like what we converse is it safe? Is the conversation only between the speaker or sender and the recipient? These questions are a matter of concern and to solve these problems- Status app is a best private, secure communication app that is an open-source, peer-to-peer protocol, and end-to-end encryption to protect your messages from third parties.

Everyone using these text apps or private communication expect them to be private by default — not open to eavesdroppers, hackers, or for sale to the highest bidder on virtual auction blocks. The increased demand for privacy has resulted in encrypted messaging app space , which are more technologically advanced, and user-friendly. It seems clear today that privacy by default is the future, and that’s a welcomed move in the right direction.

But all of these positive technological progress do come with a downside risk. There are a lot of messaging apps that link accounts to phone numbers. This choice is a seemingly odd one when it comes to securing your privacy. If you simply want to use an old tablet for some encrypted messaging, you’d first need to register on your mobile phone. As we all know in a lot of countries getting a phone number requires us to share our personal identity, so these apps boost to provide privacy but at the cost of our personal identity, which is not fair at all.

Recently, a very popular messaging app with over 5 billion downloads on play store, came under the radar. When they announced that privacy is not at all human right and they can sell our private, crucial to us data on the open market.

Now, Status secure messaging app takes a different approach. It offers us the best of all at zero cost. It does not require us to link our phone number or email or anything, thus keeping our identity secured with us.

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Status is a secure messaging app, crypto wallet, and Web3 browser built with state of the art technology. It is a powerful super app for private secure communication.Status is both free open source software reviewable by anyone as well as free to install. No phone number, email address, or bank account is required when creating your free Status Account. Nobody other than you and your intended recipient can view your messages — not even Status.

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Most messengers offer end-to-end encryption. This standard protection means that the company providing the service can not read the content of your messages. But the flow of information over their network is public, and allows for interpretation of who is talking to whom, from where. Traditional messengers also require identifying information to sign up, like a phone number, and this is usually connected to a host of other personal data about you. Status requires no personal information whatsoever for you to get started. Because of its peer-to-peer infrastructure, Status has no knowledge about who is contacting whom, nor about the content of your messages. Here you can find specifications of how this technology works.

Creating many accounts in one app is a difficult task as each login requires different phone numbers and email id. But Status allows you to create as many accounts as you want as no phone number, email address, or bank account is required when creating your free Status Account.

Security is a prime concern for Status app and to maintain this, the app provides you with a unique seed phrase which comprises of 12 words. The key phrase is the origin of your chat key as well as the account keys in the wallet. In case anyone loose access to their account then you can access your keys using your seed phrase.

Status app is not just restricted to chatting but the app can also provide you to send ETH and ERC20 (e.g. OMG, BNB, BAT or DAI) to wallets that accept these currencies. The app not only protects your chat but also lets you send payments. The Status app also gives you an advantage to store your money in the form of SNT token or Ethereum.

One amazing thing about Status is that you can be the part of the community by creating content that helps the community grow. You can also make your own stickers and sell them and in return you can receive your SNT and store them in your Status app.


Status is an app build for the future. Status app has looked into each and every minute detail to keep your assets protected. Join Status app today to enjoy the wonderful features offered by them. You can download the app from Play store or click here

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